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View member card doesn’t work

Every time I need to change my password I have to call customer service because the app doesn’t recognize my info and the view insurance card button says an error has occurred please contact support. Have not tried other features yet.



Good Concept, Bad Functionality

Thought this was great, making access to health plan accessible in the go. Personally I downloaded it and get nothing but an error message when I try to sign in (my online login works fine). I tried to delete it and re-download, still same error message. New, good idea, extremely buggy and non functional. Which defeats the purpose.

Please fix -good for certain uses

Good to find a doctor, or have access to your card Digitally. However the new update DOES NOT show the option os “summary” so a little frustrating.

Terrible App! Terrible customer service!

If I had a chance to give 0 or minus rating, I would have done that! For a year and on, I keep getting an error message on the App, keep informing on the error, they keep saying that they will solve the problem and call me back, and no call back! Of course their app shows the same error! Don’t use this app and don’t trust their customer service!


Hoo boy, this app is bad. After entering my username and password or using FaceID, it takes more than a minute for the app to actually log me in. Then I have about 30 seconds to do what I need to do before the app logs me out again. You’d think a huge insurance company could afford to actually have a good app for its customers.

Can’t sign up

Got an email to use the app to get a digital ID card. Fill out the registration info and it just says “Sorry, looks like something isn’t working.” Lol.

View ID card functionality does not work

Do not waste your time. After filling up about 15-20 fields and questions I requested to ‘view ID card’. I got an error message to call help desk. I called help desk and was told that the error will be reported to tech support and there’s nothing they can do for me now and I might want to forget about the app and go to their website and request hard copy card

ID card doesn’t work

“Undefined is not an object”

Awful useless app

Keeps coming back to “we’re here to help” with phone number and never opens the app. If I wanted to use the phone why would I use the app?

Total waste of space on phone

This app does nothing except find a dr and view your ID card (when it works). You can’t check on any claims. Empire should look at emblems app and learn from theirs. This app is a total waste and I’m deleting it from my phone. I’ll continue to use website to view what I need. Big disappointment Empire!! Not even worth the mandatory star we’re forced to give you.

Bad bad bad

Nothing works... worst app ever...

Ok they got the app together

This app is very convenient now In terms of making payments and checking claims and password reset Before it was very difficult to get any of these done without going over to the PC.

iPhone X

Support it

App Crash

Haven’t been able to open it in days I have deleted and reinstalled it

App does not open

For the last week, the app has not opened. Prior to that, the application kept giving me an error message after entering the login information.

Too many bugs/ idiots working

This app has great potential, But a simple password reset should not requiere 2 phone calls to the idiots at the “ obviously “(hopefully) outsourced Tech line.... I hate this company, and this app can be great, if anyone with a brain ran the thing.

Can’t sign in

The app won’t let me sign in, I even stayed on hold for 15 minutes trying to get this sorted out and changing my password but it still doesn’t work.


This is useless. Does not show none of your information, you cannot pull up your insurance card - always giving an error. How do you release an app without even testing the functionality of the buttons!

Useless app.

This app is horrible. All it’s good for it viewing your ID card. Even accessing the mobile site sends you to basically what the app is. Useless. I hate that I have to be on a desktop computer just to view my coverage, benefits, claims, etc.

Literally useless

Won't even let me log in. When I open the app, it only shows a button taking me back to the app store

Does nothing

I have been trying to sign in to this ap to get a copy of my ID card. I have called customer service and reported the problem. They asked for a screen shot of the ap response... still nothing. They had me change my password two times to see if that was he glitch. This ap is useless.


Can't view claims on this app which renders it useless to me.

App seems well built, could use more features

I think this app is great to find doctors that are in network. Also having your ID card is a great help as well. I would really like to see the implementation of EOB viewing on this app as well. I believe the EOBs are in PDF format already, so being able to view and save, and send these would be a major step in a positive direction for all of your members.


I want to see my coverage (deductibles, allowances etc) but nope. All this app is, is a way to view your Id card

New Version Not Working

Can't sign in, just redirects to a popup with the customer service phone number...


What a worthless piece of tech this is - can't submit a claim on app? Clearly by design to limit reimbursement. Sad company.

Digital ID not there like in app photo

I only downloaded this app to have a digital copy of my ID. Unlike the picture provided in the AppStore...that is the 1 thing that is not there. I don't need this app for the info I can get from my emails or the actual website. I wanted it in case I forget my wallet. I always have my phone on me and can still provide a digital ID for any office visit I have. I'm giving 3 stars because the app does everything else,just not to me what is the most important thing. I will be deleting it once I am done with this review. Correct that issue and I will install it again,but for now I don't need unnecessary apps on my phone.


Pretty worthless and extremely slow app.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Not functional

The app will not allow me to login nor find providers. Please fix this asap.

Needs to be fixed.

Horrible app.


This app is useless. You can't even see claims. There's is no point in downloading this.

Always a problem

This app needs a serious update. It started with not being able to log in, then it logged in but anything you did wouldnt work and told you to call the company for help, now it has the fingerprint log in but wont log in again with fingerprint or regular password. Fix this app please. Can make everyones life easier but needs a big update to actually work

Waste of time

I called one of the doctors on the list on a weekend and the automated answering machine said the office was closed. Then why is this doctor on the list of the 24/7 emergency doctors?! Am I supposed to call every doctor on the list until someone answers? This service is worthless! There is also no mention of cost, so I am calling a doctor without knowing how much I will be paying! Do not waste your time on it!


Does NOT work on my IPhone SE 64GB IOS 10.2. Called tech line; they're useless

Good apps

It works find with my iPhone 6s Plus. I forgot mi ID card at home and I used this apps to get my ID card to show to the receptionist.


Same as other reviewers, won't even let you login. I know my username and password are correct because I logged in and out on my browser successfully. The app just doesn't work

does not work

does not work


I can't even sign into this app it doesn't work whatsoever

Doesn't work

Won't let me register, login or anything. Useless

Unable to log in

Known issue that developer either refuses to fix or is too inept to fix. Can't log in, can't reset password, useless app.

Why cant i give this pos 0


Nice and convenient

I just started using the app and so far it's been great. It's nice to be able to look up our cards and have access to a list of providers.

Unable to be used if you have Medicare.

I'm so disappointed to find out that the app doesn't work if you have Medicare or Medicaid. Instead it just presents an error that says we are here to help please call. Only way to use empire on the iPhone is to load the desktop website or you have no access. Very disappointing =(

I can't open this app

For several days this app is trying to open. I can't delete it. Really doesn't work

Things that used to work no longer...

I can't even view my card now. Says 'try again later'. Can't search for doctors, says 'try again later'. I'm hoping this is just a temporary glitch over the 3 days I tried.

Can't view ID card

Would be a very useful app, but I get an error every time I try to see my ID card. Please fix! Thank you :)

APP Doesn't Work

Just got this insurance and found the app. I was hoping it would be an easier way to find a doctor but the app keeps telling me something is wrong. The one time I got a search result it gave me the wrong number and information for the doctors. This app is a disappointment and I really hope the insurance isn't.

Update needs work

The old version of this app was good enough. While it only had basic features like seeing the insurance card and finding providers it worked. The new update just keeps crashing. I can only log in sometimes. While it's pretty enough, I suppose it's really slow when it does work. The new design isn't worth the lack of functionality and ease use.

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